Mao Zedong (Reality) & Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)

”I'll make a deal with you.”

Miles Edgeworth made a throaty sound of annoyance.

“This is really not the right time”, he said.

Mao Zedong frowned, clearly not getting how improper the request was. There was a dead body at their feet and half a dozen FBI agents scurrying around the scene. Miles muttered under his breath before kneeling next to the murder victim.

He scanned the scene once more, feeling like he missed something. Mao kneeled next to him. Mao's hand slid over Miles', the contact of skin against skin electric.

“Please”, Mao said. “Please, Miles.”

Miles couldn't help but to want to give in, investigation be damned. When Mao begged him like that, he just could not resist.

“Please, Miles”, Mao said again, more urgent this time. “Miles. I need you.”

Miles met the other man's eyes and saw the intense heat burning in them, like the flames of hell.

Mao took Miles' hand, desperately putting one of his fingers in his wet, hot mouth.

Miles moaned, then blushed when he realised no one closed the eyes of the corpse yet and it was staring emptily at him. He felt his cock harder in his pants, pressing against his zipper.

“Ohh, Mao”, he whispered..

Mao sucked more urgently, like he wanted to devour Miles whole.

“Fuck me”, Mao said, begging. He glanced at the body. “Fuck me right here.”

And really, how could Miles ever resist that? Even the thought of the coworkers watching couldn't dampen his lust.

“Get naked”, Miles said, before he all but ripped his own!

He couldn't quite believe he was about to take the communist leader of China on top of a dead body in the middle of a murder investigation.

It was absurd. It was disturbing. And it was so, so deliciously filthy.

Within the span of a blink of an eye, they were naked.

Miles pushed in dry, too consumed by lust to care about preparations.

Their coworkers cheered.

Mao screamed.

The dead body was brought back to life by their sinful act and joined them.

And so, they lived happily ever after.

Skriven 25 maj 2017