Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck (Disney) & Chandler Bing (Friends)

They say love is blind, so how could he help himself? Chandler swiftly changed the channel when he heard steps, and the door opened.
“What are you watching?” Monica asked when she came into the room.
“Nothing much...” Chandler looked at the TV and put a pillow in his lap. “Just the news...” He knew it would break her heart if she'd find out the truth... his one true love.

He lay awake when she slept at his side. That beak, those big, drownable eyes... things Monica just couldn't satisfy. Chandler quietly slipped out of bed, lotion in his hand.
“Oooh, Darkwing...” Chandler could barely breath. He knew every line, but he got flushed every time. When he had finished and lay in the couch, spent and fulfilled he heard a voice all to familiar.
“Chandler...” the voice said, and as he opened his eyeshe saw him. “What...” the duck looked so... surreal. “But you aren't real...”
“But I am, I am here for you” Chandler could not believe his eyes. Slowly he slid his hands under the thick feathery ass. Darkwings beak contorting into a sexy smirk, and Chandler whimpered with want.
“I'm all yours tonight, Monica will never know.”
“But I-I” Chandler’s whimper was interrupted by the cold beak against his soft and warm human lips.

Darkwing stripped down, mask and hat stay put. Chandler moaned as he saw the feathered body.
“Now, Chandler, where's the taco sauce?”

Monica woke up alone. She followed the slippery trail Chandler had left.
“Chandler!” she screamed when she found his lifeless body. He sat spreadeagle in the couch, the plastic beak of a teddy duck jammed into his arse.

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