Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) & Cthulhu (Lovecraft Mythos)

Misato had had a rough day. She was fucking done, okay? Done with whiny teenagers who's daddy issues constantly got in the way of getting stuff done, constantly ruining their missions and letting the angels cause death and destruction in their wake – making life miserable for hundred if not thousands of people. And Misato in par-freaking-ticular. She usually wasn't this salty when it came to Shinji, Rei and Asuka, but when the three of them managed to sink the submarine that Misato was currently residing within, and she had lost contact with the EVAs and was slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, she decided that her hissyfit was well deserved. She had no faith in the EVA pilots to come to her rescue; they were as incompetent as they came.

Suddenly her sub jolted worryingly; Misato feared that she may have hit a reef or a submerged apartment complex. It may fracture her sub, and water could start flooding any second. As the control-pads beeped angrily at her, she put on the scuba suit and made sure to have the mouth-piece on. Just in that moment, a roar thundered through the ocean, making her little sub shake by the sheer force of its sonic wave. Maybe that was the angel that they had been hunting.

Before Misato could get a good look to determine, the whole sub was torn into pieces and the water encompassed her on all sides, crushing her on all sides. She would scream but her oxygen mask was in the way – but worse than that the sight that greeted her outside the sub terrified her to the bone.

This was no angel. No, it was far worse than that.

It was the great Cthulhu staring back at her with his dark, red eyes that bore into her sould and she just knew that this would be the end of her.

For being so huge, he moved fast and swiftly through the waters as he grabbed her in his giant, clawed hand. She feared he would breach her suit, but when he brought her closer to his face, the fear of being eaten alive became much greater.

His tentacles started slithering up her legs, hot and heavy. They felt her up through her skin-tight suit, pressing against her groin and her ass as they worked their way up. One wound around her throat, pressing lightly as it moved down to cradle her breasts. The worst part wasn't even the near suffocation or the total violation of her person – or even the constant fear of death. No, what upset Misato was how much she was enjoying the situation. As if he could read her mind,, Cthulhu firmly did as she feared and pierced the suit with his claws, and three tentacles entered the shredded suit, making skin to skin contact, as it started to float away around her.

She could feel the suction cups as they dragged across her skin, and without warning they slithered in between her legs once more, though now there was nothing to stop the hot, slimey tentacle to enter. She gasped as it pounded in with one swift motion, sliding effortlessly in. At the same time another slid between her buttcheeks and pounced lightly at first before pushing in a syncronised motion as the one in her vagina pulled and pushed, and the one in around her throat choked her lightly.

She had never felt so full. No cock could ever do this – move so fa and push and push and twirl and suck at the same time. As Chtulhu let a second tentacle press up her pussy, Misato could hardly breath, she was but a being of pleasure as the tentacles twirled around each other within her, fucking her good on all sides. As a suction cup gave her clit some much needed attention and the gip over her breast and nipples tightened, Misato came with a shout, her mask falling off her, and one final tentacle took its place.
She would die here in the deep she thought fleetingly. But as Chtulhu embraced her, it didn't seem to matter.

Skriven 25 maj 2017