Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to Train Your Dragon) & Hanako Ikezawa (Katawa Shoujo)

The story begins one stunning spring morning with the sakura trees in full bloom. Barely any clouds in the pristine blue sky. We then look through an open household window where a young girl is eating breakfast with her parents. Long dark purple hair billowing around her petite shoulders and they're laughing in unison, not a worry in the world. The view then pans off towards the mountains nearby where suddenly clouds are rapidly forming, the ominous rumble of thunder echoing down the mountainside. A streak of black with a flash of green eyes fly out of the cloud. It's a broad lizard-like entity with half a metallic tail and an armor clad humanoid trying to go somewhere. No, they're fleeing. Their eyes shot up wide at the sight of a Japanese countryside village. Before they can veer away from any civilians as they curve down the precipice of the mountain out of the clouds shoots a streak of blue and white lightning. Striking the blossoming sakura tree and immediately catching it ablaze in a roaring flame. People in the streets panic and we see the household from before where they huddle and cower from the lightning. The sky then grows dark, but not with clouds, rather this imposing figure of a giant ancient blue dragon blotting out the Sun over the village with it's gargantuan wingspan. The smaller dragon creature in futile efforts attempting to bite and shoot blue flames up at the larger beast. Simply annoyed the dragon charges it's maw for another streak of lightning, but not aiming after the black dragon, instead right down at the village. The rider seeing this yells something out which dies under the flapping of wings and rumbling of thunder. Making haste to it's maw in One final attempt to prevent the calamity that is about to ensue. The Force of energy turning the black dragon into ash as the man is thrown of and plummets out of the sky to almost certain death. The lightning bolt severely shrunken from destroying half a village to only strike a small part. Though unfortunately that small part was through the ceiling of the household at the beginning of the story. The father lighting up like a Christmas tree while the mother screams in horror and shields her only daughter. The girl screams in shock as their house starts to ignite all over and turn to cinder, the way out blocked off by flames in what felt like an instant. Her mother pinning her down to the floor screaming something to the young girl that dies into the background noise while her clothes catches fire. Soon falling limp on the girl not strong enough to move her mother. Having to wait on the floor of her burning home with dead parents screaming and wailing until she passes out. Waking up later at the hospital next to a Young man missing his legs and One arm, surgically removed and stirring awake att the noise of her shooting up into her chair. The not then forces a smile and says.

-I'm glad you're alive, I was worried you'd never wake up... I'm Hiccup, What's your name?

The girl looking confused down at her bedsheets and tears roll down her cheeks as she remembers the nightmare before she passes out. Half her face Hurting intensely from the salty Tears as she realizes a lot of her is bandaged.

-I... I... I'm Hanako Ikezawa.

Stuttered under breath and the boy just gives a wide grin while hiding his intense pain.

And this is the story of How Hanako got her scars. What happened to the blue dragon? The airforce solved that shit. The end.

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