Hiroto Honda (Yu-Gi-Oh!) & Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Light cerulean. The scope filled with a light cerulean shine, a faint tug to adjust it and once again the creature appeared clearly ahead of Honda. It was a horse, but unlike any horse he had ever seen, with its light gray coat, sapphire mane and cerulean eyes it had an almost ethereal glow abut it. No, it did have an ethereal glow, the shine that had blinded Honda came... from the horse? In shock he lowered the rife and gazed upon the stallion with his bare eyes.

– Stunning... his voice was no more than a whisper, and yet it startled the horse, who spun around and looked back at Honda. From between the enlightened orbs that met his own, a horn protruded. A horn, rivaled only by the one between the horse, no, unicorn's, hind legs. Honda swallowed at the sight and for the first time he understood the meaning behind that old saying... The unicorn lifted a perfectly manicured eyebrow, as if to beckon Honda to him, and in a trance he let his rifle fall and walked up to the unicorn.

'What... is your name?' the question sounded weak, as if uttered in a church. Honda got a look in return, a look that seemed to reach all the way into his soul, that beared every secret he had, and every sin, and it forgave him. The wind knocked out of him by this otherworldly experience, an experience surpassing even using his cards the first time, Honda fell to his knees. The unicorn closed the distance between them, head held high as he gazed upon the fallen boy.

'My name,' their eyes were now level, the unicorn pony looking at him with an even gaze that made it clear the two were on the same page, 'is Shining Knight.' Then he craned his neck and a soft muzzle met Honda's lips. Honda wrapped his arms around the strong pony neck for support and returned the kiss with passion, the whole world disappearing around him.

Skriven 26 maj 2017