Nunnally (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) & ReDead (The Legend of Zelda)

Hello Ladys and gentlemen To day im going to tell you a story about Love a story betwin Too PePPol meting in The stranges oFF ways a story off a blind Gril in a weel cheer and a Rotin corp with PlesHer well you Mite ask your sellf HOW did this story Hapen well Let me tell you.

The story begen in Japan wen Mekas just too be coll begens the story of Nataly Britania Rigt after the Not so Tradik def off Her broder she wass Put to Deff to in order To stop the blod Lin of Evil becus who want to be Atack by Gril in a weel cheer butt ass you Now we cant just kill a Grill in a well cheer tate is blind we banist Her To the world of Hirul (zelDa) sHe wass dumt in a cave wite Noting to ett wen the Film crue hade left Here in the cave she started to here strages sounds she wante to know wath it is so she Rold Foor werd and she Hurd it agane sHe Rold For worDs until sHe bumt in to the wery ting sHe wanted To Resh or Not want to Reshe becus the wery Thing that stand be for Her wass on of the ded cops From Legen of ZelDa skriming att her ass she satt Paralist in her well cheer ass gagel the corp Loked Pashenoly in to Here with His emmty eye sokets an Grabd Her by Her body in that Momen She felt somting She Hassen Felt for a Long timm being todely Fuckt and then I mean Rell Fuckt by a corPs and Thate wass the story off lov

Skriven 25 maj 2017