Salad Fingers (Salad Fingers) & Scrooge McDuck (Disney)

In a mansion in Duckburg, Scrooge Mcduck scratched his head.
- Where did I put it? He said slightly irritated.
Donald Duck entered the room.
- What are you looking for? He asked.
- My map for the holy gold treasure! He walked over to Donald.
- It's a treasure that contains one of the first ever made golden spoons! With that to my collection I would beat Flintheart Glomgold so he would seem poorer than even you! Scrooge said and pointed his cane in Donalds stomache, as so Donald fell backward into one of the bookshelf and knocked down some of the books.
He stood up and looked at Scrooge.
- I don't know what to do. Scrooge said and sat down.
Donald walked over. - you will find it soon you always do.
Scrooge looked down on Donald's feets.
- What's that? He said as he grabbed the paper under Donald's foot.
He looked closely. - THIS IS IT! He screamed as he jumped up.
- Tell mr Mcquack to start the plane!

As they landed the plane it was only a gloomy swamp looking place.
- Are you sure it is here? Mcquack asked.
- Of course I am! It's the perfect place for it to be! Scrooge said.
As he looked around, he noticed a small shed a 100 meter away.
- Let's take a look in there, their might be a clue.
He walked over and tried to open the door.
- Damn it's locked! He yelled.
- Hello! who – and who might you be? someone asked behind him, he turned around.
- For the Love of Ducks! What are you? Scrooge asked.
- My name is Salads fingers. And this is Hubert Cumberdale, and Marjory Stewart-Baxter and Yvonne, and Kenneth, and Jeremy Fisher and Mable! Hubert Cumberdale is my favourite.
He held up his hand.
- Don't give me that look Marjory Stewart-Baxter you know what you did.
Scrooge looked at him in horror.
- I-I was just looking for a spoon. He said as he backed away.
Salads finger looked at him.
- Are you here for my spoon? He looked angry.
- You have it? Can I have it? Scrooge asked.
- No! I like it to much, but I can show you it. He opened the door.
- I would love t see it! He said.
Salads Finger took out a old rusty spoon.
- That old junk is not what I am after.
He hit the spoon with the cane.
The spoon broke in two.
Salads finger looked at it.
- My lovely spoon! He picked it up.
Realising his mistake Scrooge backed away
- I am sorry but I think it's time for me to leave.
- Murderer... Mu..rderer, Murderer!
Salads finger launch at Scrooge.
Scrooge tried to get away but in vain.
Salads finger ripped of some of Scrooge feathers and he screamed in pain.
- We know what we will do to you, right mr. Hubert Cumberdale? Salads finger draged Scrooge to the oven and throwed him in.
Salads Finger laughed.
- looks like thanksgiving is coming early this year... Hubert... Cumberdale.
He said while closing the oven...

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