Princess Peach (Marioverse) & Steve (Minecraft)

a normal day when Steve was mining his roblox gf he saw a beauty similar to Obama's asscheeks in the sun. Steve imediatley got his asshole on his Arab häst riding it like had rid your Mom last night. When he came face first with the botox filled Peach he said “Can I mine your Peach” this imediatley turned Peach on just like seeing Sans in female underwear when he had boned her. Peach & Steve imediatley went to Steves Sex Mine and in there he Mined her peach like his dad used to Mine him as a 3 year old in the church when uncle Sans came over. Sans got a boner. Later that Night Steve Started Mining her peach without her concent with his Minecraft supreme dilldo he destroyed her ass then Mined it toghether again & mined her ass again with 2 Suppreme dilldos at the same time straight up the asshole. then he took her too the deepest Mine and used 5 cats as a condom and started world war 3 after that Peach whent to a Mental hostpital the last time she saw Steve he Mined her to shreds with his enchanted diamond Supreme ultra busted Momin dilldo Shoving it up thanos ass and becomes the ruler of all infinity stones.

Skriven 31 maj 2019