Spike (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) & Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)

It was a normal morning for the little dragon Spike. Make some breakfast for himself and Twilight, sort out a few scrolls so that they're lying on their respective places and cleaning the library which the little dragon and his master pony lives in. He expected to take his normal stroll around town, maybe walking through the forest for a few minutes like he usually does and then get back home to work.

But this day wasn't completely normal...

“Holy-! It's a dragon!”

Because while Spike is walking in the bright green woods, he trips over a black root. But said 'root' was actually a tail, the tail of a huge black dragon. The only thing Spike did was to take a walk, and now this happens to him? This dragon must be at least three times bigger than the little baby dragon is and it's right now hovering right above Spike's terrified face while it's growling angrily.

When Spike had tripped over the dragons tail, he had apparently interrupted it's meal consisting of raw fish which lead to the dragon noticing that the smaller dragon was there. The larger beast suddenly pounced on Spike because of his outburst from earlier, but it has yet to tear the little dragon's throat apart.

Spike can't do anything in this position, with him lying on the ground and a dangerous dragon preventing him from standing up. Even tough Spike is a dragon as well doesn't mean that other dragons will be kind to him, he has known this for a long time already. But that doesn't mean that he'll try, this dragon seems really dangerous.

“Ehm... H-hello. D-do you m-mind getting o-off me?”

The dragon tilts his head to the side, as if understanding what Spike is saying while being confused as to why he's talking like he does. The black dragon has stopped growling for now and slowly steps away from Spike's petite form. Spike, still shaking slightly due to the terrifying experience, slowly sits up when the dragon is sitting by his fishes again.

When their eyes meet, the larger black dragon does a small mumbling sound while he looks down to the ground, as if trying to tell Spike something. Spike doesn't really understand what the black dragon tries to say, so he scratches his purple scales on his head with confusion lining his features.

“Ehm,.. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the dragon language very well... You see, I've been living around ponies my whole life, so I never really taught myself how to speak in our language.”

Once again, the dragon tilts his head to the side, as if not understanding the content of what Spike's saying but clearly understands the language. The purple dragon tries to elaborate.

“You see, I was hatched by my owner, Twilight sparkle. So I've never met any other dragons to talk to.”

The black dragon seems to be deep in thought for a while before he turns to his right, to where the small heap of fishes are that he was eating on before Spike interrupted him. The larger dragon pick up one fish in his mouth before he looks down at Spike with it's yellow eyes. The dragon drops the fish on his left side as he's looking at Spike out of the corner of it's eye.

Spike finally understands what the larger dragon is trying to say, he's trying to say sorry for almost attacking him by shearing some of his fish with Spike. Said little dragon points at himself with a small green claw.

“Is that for me?”

The black dragon murmurs while nodding his head, turning towards his heap of fishes that are left. Spike carefully walks over to the dead fish, eying the large black tail to be prepared to jump away if the dragon decides to attack him again. Spike never leaves his gaze from the dragon as he pick up the fish that it has given him.

The dragon turns towards Spike when it hears the sound of scales being crushed by teeth and it watches him curiously as Spike marvel it's taste. As spike has swallowed the piece of fish, he smiles up at the owner of the fish thankfully.

“This tastes great!” He exclaims as he continues to eat the dead animal, the larger dragon murmurs in agreement as he too turns his attention back to eating as well. These two dragons has somehow come to a silent agreement that they both tolerate each others company and Spike is really glad to finally have met a dragon that won't try to kill him.

After that meeting, Spike came to the same place every day to try and learn some dragon language from his new friend. Spike never really know the dragons name, but for now, Spike calls him toothless since he doesn't have any teeth sometimes. The dragon seems very pleased when Spike calls it that.

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