Maid Marian (Robin Hood) & Creeper (Minecraft)

"Die u furry faggot!" Wrote the youthful player in the chat. With a grim frown Maid Marian killed the 12 year old griefer who was trying to destroy her gardens. Her clawed fox fingers tapped quickly over the keyboard.
"Do not pick a fight with my might Fox Kingdom. u R a fukn N00B!"
She didn't mean to write that last part but she sent it into the chat anyway. These new kids on the server were so stupid. The entire server used the same mods, and with her minimap she could always tell when intruders arrived. Were they really that dense that they thought they could invade her by themselves?
Behind her an elderly voice clucked for her attention.
"Marian, hasn't it been a long time since we read a book together?" Asked Lady Cluck in a begging manner.
"Lady, I'm not a child anymore" Marian responeded flatly.
"Well what do you want to do then young Lady? Anything to offer your old caretaker some company?" Tried the other.
"No Cluck. Dont disturb me while I'm gaming." Marian collected the measily iron armor and sword the player left behind she returned to her building.
"But playing that blocky Mine game is all you do nowadays!" The elderly hen complained.
"Well since my FAMILY locked me up inside this tower there's nothing else I can do, IS THERE?" The vixen girl growled furiously at the hen. "I know YOU approved of this maiden in distress bullshit Cluck! You have NO RIGHT to complain about how I spend my time up here! So FUCK OFF before I BITE YOU!"
Marians sudden agression scared Cluck who dropped a couple of feathers in fear. Her expression was both terrified and hurt. Like the chicken she was she soon bolted for the door to her own quarters and exited. Marian barked after her friend and suddenly felt bad. In such a short time she had gotten so angry and said so many mean things. Frustrated and not sure if she should blame herself she turned towards her computer screen. Her fluffy ear twitched as the door creaked open slightly.
"Im sorry" whispered Lady Cluck. "I know I've been unfair to you Marian... but... Please go to bed early, you've slept very little the last few days... I still love you, ny child"
That hurt. Drowning her sorrows Marian slammed back a can of BlueBull. She didn't want to feel. She only wanted to play Minecraft. There she found peace. Her eyes focused on the screen.
The garden of the Fox Kingdom was maid Marian's most beautiful creation ever. She had been arranging and building the beautiful courtyard of her castle for an unhealthy amout of hours now, but she loved it ever so dearly. With its vast spaces with flowers, trees and paved paths that always seemed to lead somewhere new. But the heart of the garden was the best. There she had built a bathing pond right next to the crown jewel of her creation. Creepette. By chance Marian had managed to catch a wild creeper early in thr game. She kept it in custody and around it she built her kingdom. Now the mob that Marian had dutifylly crowned Quern Creepette wandered rather freely in a glass cage adorned with gold and iron blocks. Glowstone chandeliers made no other mobs spawn around the prized catch. For prized it was, her official co-ruler of her kingdom. A sign on the cage read "Queen Creepette, on a diet. Do not feed". Marian somehow enjoyed the black eyes pressed against the glass while she pretended to bathe in her pond.
Marian climbed up on the cage, for she wanted to install a diamond block pillar in tge middle of the cage. The mob followed her beneath the roof. Marian picked a hole in the roof and reached to place the first block.
Maybe it was fate, or just a stroke of chance's funny game, but Marian held down controll instead of shift, and thus she fell down into the cage. With a diamond block in hand, she stood face to face with the creeper. Marians heart almost stopped. But no hiss was heard. Instead a chat message appeared.
Creepette: "Yes my love, I will marry you. We will be together untill death do us part"
Unable to comprehend what just happened Marian stared at the text and the green square on her screen. More text appeared.
"I've always loved you. No one else can have you, Maid Marian"
With a hiss and a boom, Marian died in the game. The red death screen frightened her and she jumped away from the chair. To her surprise her fluffy furry butt hit something. It was flat and hot. She backed up, leaning on this warm rectangular shape behind her. It felt right. She wanted to be close to it. This was meant to be. A hissing voice whispered into her vixen ear:
"No one elsssssSSSSSSSe"
An explosion ended, and completed, their love.

Skriven 30 maj 2014