Yuki (Gravitation) & Freyja (Norse Mythology)

Freya who was a godess was one day bored and said "lets go down to earth" so she went to earth. when on earth she looked around and saw people but nobody was interesting so she went to japan where she saw people that were interesting especially one blonde guy named yuki who was gay. Freya walked up to yuki and said "i am freya" and yuki said "who" and Freya said "i am the norse godess of fertility" but yuki didnt care because he was Japanese and gay.

But Freya didnt care and tried to grab yuki but yuki was quick and got away and ran and Freya followed into akihabara. yuki ran zick-zacking through the nerds in akihabara and freya followed plowing through all the nerds who took pictures of them because they are also japanese. finally freya jumped off a car did a backflip and landed right on top of yuki capturing him and tore off his close saying "now you are mine" and yuki said "nooooooooooo" and then they had sex.

Freya went back to vikingland and yuki was now pregnant and 9 months later he gave birth to freyas son and shuichi said "whose kid is that" and yuki said "dont ask".

To be continued...???

Skriven 14 maj 2011