Count Dracula (Dracula) & Boromir (Lord of the Rings)

The room was huge and lit only with candle-light. An antique carpet covered the hard stone floor and red velvet was draped everywhere. There might have been windows, but they were concealed under layer after layer of the heavy cloth. There was no way to tell what weather it was outside. It could’ve been night, day, twilight or a breaking dawn. If you were in the room, time held no real meaning.

And that’s where he was. The room. Again. After all these years, after all this time he was back in that wonderfully wretched room. After decades of lonely nights he was back in the room and the bed and the shackles of eternal passion. He looked up at the ceiling. Gods, what had he done?

”Hast thou awoken, my love?” The voice was that of a corpse. Each syllable slow, raspy, dead.

”Yes, my lord. I’m… I am awake.” How he cherished that horrible creature! Even now, even after the humiliation he had been through, they were bound to each other.

”Then it is time. I art starved of affection and nourishment and I trust that thou knowest the meaning of this.”

”I do, my lord.” He shuddered at the thought of what he knew would happen.

”Come forth, mine slave. I want to suck your blood.” The corpse, the Count, reached out for him. And he rose from the soft bed, the iron-chains keeping him from moving more than a couple of metres from the goose down-covers.

The corpse grabbed his hair with a hand white as bone and forced his head back, exposing a bearded throat. A kiss marked the skin before sharp teeth bit into it. He sighed with pain and arousal as his master fed from him. As his blood was drained the pain grew more dull, the world slow and sluggish. His vision turned clouded. His body turned limp. Just as the last bit of his conscious slipped away once more he heard the voice of the Count.

“Sleep well, beloved. Soon thou shalt become one with me and a true child of the night.”

“Thank you, o lord. One does not simply fall out of love with…” And with Draculas name on his lips, Boromir breathed his last breath as a mortal.

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