Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek) & King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

The hull of the USS Enterprise was slowly crumbling because of the massive water pressure of the deep blue sea.
“I’m picking up an unknown teleportation destination, captain.” Data said.
“Seems like we don’t have a choice, beam us there!” said Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Completely forgetting that they’re underwater, the crew left their underwater breathing gear at the ship, causing them to pass out from oxygen loss shortly after beaming.

Picard was woken with haste due to feeling something being shoved down his throat. As it turned out it was a magical throat snail, teaching his lungs how to breathe and talk underwater! As his eyes started to function, he gazed upon the creature that had rescued him.

It was a bearded man sporting a large trident and a golden crown, but this was no regular man. This was King Triton ruler of Atlantis! He had long flowing hair, a fish’s tail for legs. He was the most beautiful man Picard had ever seen.

Picard explained that they crashed into the ocean during a sick-ass space fight, I mean you should have seen it, it was totally rad!
However Triton did not plan on letting him leave Atlantis, as he was enchanted by Picards beautiful eyes and bald head.

“I shall help you get back to your friends, but on one condition”, Triton said.
“And what would that be?” Picard asked, worried but also curious.
“Just this morning my daughter Ariel went missing, and I’m lacking someone to keep me… COMPANY.” Triton explained.
“I’ll do it, but promise to be gentle” Picard whimped.

Triton did not answer, ripping off his fish tail-like disguise reveiling eight genetalia shaped tentacles. He grabbed Picard by the arms and legs, using remaining tentacles to massage is neather regions.
Picard felt every single shaft rubbing against his fraile body, while his own shaft begun to rise.

It was a passionate pile of skin, flesh ad suction cups. Picards screams of pain and pleasure was drowned out by the sound of anal penetration.
Triton roared a mighty roar as he ejaculated gallons of sea spunk all over Picards naked body. They both panted like dogs for they have never felt pleasure like this.

“You done did good, I’ll be releasing your crew shortly.” Triton said with a smile.
“Let them go, I’ll stay here with you my king” Picard said, cuddling up next to him in an abundance of romance.

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