Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) & Freeza (Dragon Ball)

Applejack was just finnshed with her usual rutin of applebuckingtrees at sweet Apple Achres. She sighed and grinnadd az she looked att the horizonfilled with appletrees. “What a lovely sight. And on thame too thanks to Big Macintosh” she said “Rhogh it would have been better if he’d just maihnded his own god doing business and let me handle it mahself!”

SUDDENLLY!!! The earth started to shake and rumble and a faint yet pierciag light litt up the sky “Whatt in tbarnation is going on?” Applejack said in surprise. Then she felt a suddern and powerful bash on her head and she fell unconscious

When Applejack awoke she found herself in some sort of sexy space maid outfit with some sort of sex saying (Nothing worth mentioning in this story) “Well it seems that I get something better to grope than those balls” she suddenally herad a highpitched raspy voice say. She looked and saw a gender natural alien thing. Who sad purple lips and pure & white on the rest of his body. “Look here boy, ah don’t know what in tarnation’s going on right here but-” applejack began but was stopped when the alien thing stabbed her through the stomach with its tail and pulled at her intestence and rapped them around its dick and started to hump them with excited and spedful thuusts. “My name is freeza. And you’re mine now bitch”.

Applejack’s eyes got filled with rage and started to unsh her way through freezas stomache and shoved his intestence up er ass and she yelld at the top of lungs “NOT IF AG BITCH YOU FIRST BITCH!!!” It continued like this until both of them lay in pieced covered in blood and semen. And neither of them found out who was the ultimate bitch


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