Vivian (Marioverse) & Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Vivian is a ghost and former member of the Spooky Sisters. Well, at least she thinks she’s a ghost, she’s ethereal and can walk through walls and floors, but she can still punch people…... and also shoot fire. Come to think of it she’s not really the ghost of a human, although there are barely any humans in Mushroom Kingdom, and Boo’s aren’t techniqally ghosts either…maybe she’s just some shadow thingie. So the shadow thingie Vivian was very lonely with nothing else to do than splash around in her juices. She had the ability to fade into and hide in any shower room floor, chair or urinary; giving her plenty of entertainment, but it was never enough. She needed a man with an impeccable build and an obscenely large bulge to submerge into her depths……Mario could satisfy one of her cravings. For Mario’s pecker was biggest in all the land, a behemoth that could satisfy any woman. Nobody questioned the size of Mario’s nose……not his dick though, his dick was smaaaaa-hall… Anyway, Vivian was once again following her bumbling idiot, a Mario who was as always getting lost in the game. He didn’t ask for directions, listen to important conversations or even recall where he was. Vivian sighed. Mario only seemed to be interested in fighting and finding new weapons. In fact, he’d been more obsessed with fighting than usual, and recently dropped his hammer in favor of swords, three swords even. And he fought really strangely to Vivian, holding one sword in his mouth…..WTF ZORO?!!

Yes, it was Zoro, a man who certainly was not unacquainted with handling myriads of swords. He was a long veteran of double-dipping but couldn’t resist the urge to start taking another sword to his mouth. A sword maniac, a junkie, quickly running out of new orifices to keep putting swords…..also he was getting really tired of sucking diks. Zoro instantly mistook Vivian for Perrona, another ghost….thingie that had tried and failed to guide the deviant. But Vivian took this roll, and started finding lots of places to ”mistakenly” guide him. She once guided him into a meticulously crafted gimp suit, with holes for more swords than Zoro could bear. And then came the promised day, Vivian let Zoro enter her completely. He thrusted deeper and deeper into her fair shadow, carefully but determinedly, allowing them to flawlessly escape from the police after their grand robbery. Then, they had buttsecks, fo’ days

Skriven 30 maj 2014