Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) & Princess Peach (Marioverse)

”... and that undeniably places the defendant at the scene of the crime. This means she has to be the one who murdered mr. Flat. Or does the defense have access to evidence the prosecution has yet to see, mr Wright?”

Edgeworth looked at Phoenix and grinned, as he always did. And Phoenix felt uneasy, as he always did. Then Edgeworth started speaking again; ”The prosecution rests, your Honour.”

Phoenix looked down at the attorney's badge that was pinned to his lapel .”Would the def-...”. This was why had become an attorney; to defend people, in the darkest of times, when everyone else had given up on them .”... like to cross-exa-...”. He was however unsure if he was really up to the task this time. Edgeworth seemed to have it all figured out, Phoenix couldn't possible win now. ”Mr Wright?”. Perhaps the defendant was indeed gui- ”MR WRIGHT!”

Phoenix realized the judge was talking to him. He had zoned out, lost in his own thoughts, and the judge was not looking happy.

”I'm sorry.” Phoenix was truly embarrassed.

”Would the defense like to cross-examine the witness?”

”Yes, your Honor.”

This was it. Make or break. Flight or fall. Phoenix only had one chance to clear the defendant and he wasn't intending to throw it away. He suddenly felt how all the nervousness anf insecurity from earlier washed away. He knew he could do it. If anyone could do it, it was him!


The whole courtroom was staring at him. Why had he suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs? Stupid Phoenix. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Phoenix, he thought to himself, get yourself together.

”Umm, very well then... Carry on” The judge was looking very confused. Not that it was very unusual.

”Well then,” said Phoenix, who had partially recovered his cool. ”Could you please tell us once more what you saw that night, miss Peach?”

The beautiful princess sitting in front of him opened her pretty little mouth and started speaking with a most enchanting voice; ”Well, it was late at night, around an hour after midnight. I was asleep in my bed, when suddenly I was woken up by a loud crashing noise. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a big hole in my window. And then, that monster!”

As she said that, she pointed at the defendant.

”Hold it! Are you sure it was the defendant?”

Princess Peach smiled innocently at Phoenix; ”Would you ever doubt me, mr Wright?”

”Of... of course not.” Phoenix realized he had no reason to doubt this truly beautiful princess. Why would someone so beautiful ever lie to him? ”Umm... Please continue.”

”Very well.” She said. ”After that monster had realized I had seen his face, he was quick to flee. And that is when I noticed the body.”

”Right where that monster had stood mere minutes ago lay the lifeless body of my poor defenseless little pet-goomba, Mr Flat.”

”Hold it! So you didn't actually see him kill the victim?”

”Isn't it obvious, mr Wright? Clearly my poor Mr. Flat was stomped to death by that horrible horrible monster of a plumber! That's why his body was lying where that monster had jumped in through my window!”

”OBJECTION!” This was it, Phoenix knew he had everything he needed now to clear the defendant's name.

He grinned as he pulled out the autopsy papers from the case file.

”Then how come it says here that the victim was shot to death?”, Phoenix was smiling. He had done it. Nothing could go wrong now.

”Mr Wright, is this some kind of joke? Because I'm not laughing.”

The usually whimsical judge was looking sternly at him.

”That is an old autopsy report from months ago. And with this, I have had it with you. I declare the defendant: GUILTY!”

And so, Phoenix was disbarred, Mario was put into a maximum security prison and Edgeworth and Princess Peach lived happily ever after.

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