The Janitor (Scrubs) & Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

It was yet another beautiful day in Janitoria; the grass was greener than ever, the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. The birds sang, brooks babbled and ponies trot-…

“Ponies?” thought Dr. Jan Itor “There are no ponies in Janitoria. And animals that don’t belong here must be… stuffed.”

He let out an evil laugh.

This would be fun.

And he sure could use something fun in his life. The last time he had done anything fun was when he tormented that quack doctor; Scooter. With this new goal in mind he set out, leaving his glorious throne room behind.

As soon as he set foot outside the castle he saw the two abominations that were trespassing in his lands. The two ponies sure were an eyesore, with their clopping hooves and their flowing manes and their cutie marks on their flanks…

“Mmm… Flanks, cute little flanks.” the Janitor thought.

At that moment his mind wandered and he realized he hadn’t gotten any action since Lady had left him, several years ago.

“Maybe before I stuff them I could… Stuff them.”

He brandished his mop and made a leaping attack towards the nearest pony, knocking it out cold in one fell swoop.

The other pony shrieked in terror when she saw her friend go down, “Diamond Tiara! How dare you attack us?”

The Janitor answered her question with a mighty blow from his mop.

Now that both ponies were knocked out cold he took out his trusty hunting knife. With experienced hands he swiftly slit the throats of both ponies, draining them of blood. He then proceeded to cut up Silver Spoon, spilling her guts all over the grass.

He then remembered his idea form earlier, about the pre-stuffing stuffing. He looked down at the pony cadaver in front of him and all of the guts spilling out on the grass.
“Well, at least it’s still warm” Janitor said as he started to unbutton his pants. He freed his manhood from its sweaty prison and let the surroundings bask in its glory. Truly, Mother Nature herself was impressed with its length and girth.

He started stroking it slowly with his left hand, while his left one started fondling the pockets on his grey jumpsuit until it found a pair of used panties. He brought the panties to his nose and took in the scent.

“Mmm… Blonde doctor” he whispered to himself.

When his meat rod was fully erect he guided it towards the gut-spilling hole on Silver Spoon’s corpse and started thrusting into it. The warm guts and blood felt heavenly around him. He thrust and thrust and thrust. Blood and guts were escaping the body as he kept at it. It wasn’t long before he filled the dead pony with his salty seed.

As he lay down to rest for a bit, he heard the rumbling of his stomach and realized he hadn’t eaten in hours. He looked down on the pony cadaver in front of him, shrugged and started ripping out the guts with his bare hands. The guts and blood tasted surprisingly well raw, mixed with his seed.

This truly had been a great day

Skriven 4 maj 2013