Judge Claude Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame) & Ronald "Ron" Weasley (Harry Potter)

The bells rang through the great halls of the church, as the most feared man in Paris strutted majestically towards the entrance. The candles in the church were burning low and erotically. A thought of the fair Esmeralda went through his head for a brief second as he smelled the scent of a young child. He felt cheated. After the defeat by the hunchback where he faked his own death and had to live in disguise as a monk.

Ron sat on a bench in the mighty church he was scared and didn’t know where to go. He had secretly borrowed Hermiones time turner and lost it. He heard someone walk through the halls as the bells rang loudly. He had to act quickly. Ron dived under the preaching stool where he could hide. His knees trembled as he was trying to be as quiet as possible.
Frollo felt the presence of the soulless, scared and possible turned on being.

“Esmeralda?” – He asked.

Ron tried to breathe as calmly as possible but was failing pretty hard. As the candles flickered and the room was filled with a huge tension, almost like the time when Ron had arranged to meet with his online crush potionmaster78, in the chamber of secrets. He couldn’t help releasing a silent moan.

They gazed upon each other as Ron stood up. Frollo was amazed. Never in his life had he met someone with such emptiness in his eyes, a hair that reminded him of the sweet hellfire he once loved dearly. Ron saw a man that looked amazed. Ron tried to say something but the man shook his head and put a finger on Ron’s lower lip.

Ron swallowed. Thinking that the slightest vibration of his voice would release an unstoppable urge in his lower bode, just like the time with his father on the fields two years ago. The tension between them was so big you could cut it with a knife.

Ron whispered “Wingardium Leviosa”.

Frollo pressed Ron against the cold church wall and kissed him on the neck, the licked his ears wet. Pure magic! The both fell on the floor in front of God. Clothes were torn off and their naked bodies was revealed. Ron gazed at the mighty wand Frollo was equipped with, stunned, his penis went flick and swish.

Frollo whispered “Father, forgive me for my sins that I’m about to do...”

To be continued!!

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