Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) & Medic (Team Fortress 2)

It was a normal day in the Team Fortress 2 servers. Both red team and the blue team was at their usual business... blowing each other to piesis and colecting odd looking hat. (What is upp with that anyway?) (Where was I? Oh rigt the porn story!)

Our hero medic (of witch im pritty sure is a quack or simply a moron) was healing and üvercharging like he always did. This time a pyro with an oversized lollipop (fucking luni that one). But this day was to be different for today Medic would med his soulmate (or fuckmate I know you guys don’t give a shit). Medic heard a shout from a Heavy for an übercharge, so he did just that the problem was that just as the übercharge ctivated the Heavy went on a teleporter and wham Newtons Law’s shat themselves and our hero was sucked into a portal.

Meanwhile in Hyrule Castle Princess Zelda (that once again had gotten kidnapped by the evil Ganondorf and used as a sex slave for the water monster in Hyrule lake (here’s your fucking tentacle porn you effing pervs.. geesh). For those that say that this did not happen, you have played the censored version, Japan is a weird place. Right before the Morpha performs his famus... infamus? Tripple Penetration a portal oppened and our german hero flew out and accilydently cut the Amoeba in half with his bonecutter saw, Zelda fell to the floor and bumped her naked butt on the floor. As our Hero and Princess Zelda eyes met a spark was light and a immense desire of the flesh was awaken. Zelda, who was already naked threw her naked body at the medic. Her boobs glitening from the water dropplets on her chest.

Wth Zelda on top of him, Medic was ready to prepare for an other übercharge. This one with extra movement speed. As soon as he penetrated her the wildes sex between a german and a Hyrulian the world had ever seen took place. With boobs, sweat and... hats flying in all directions. When Medic fired his load he used the frace he had always wanted to use.
”Oops zhat was not medecin.”

Skriven 24 juli 2014