Boba Fett (Star Wars) & Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

– Watson! Sherlock Holmes awoke to a large bang shaking his entire bed. Watson!

Tumbeling out of bed the great detective wrapped his cover around him and began searching for the source of the bang. Quickly he figured out that Watson was out with Mary and mrs Hudson was out shopping or hiding from him, wich he found was very convenient as he was wearing little to nothing beneath the covers. When his sleep foggy mind cleared the detective in him awoke. Wrapping the cover tighter around his body he started tearing the rooms apart. Frustrated he threw himself in his worn armchair, to pissed to even touch his preacisus violin. Just when he was about to write the bang off as a opium induced side effect he heard the noice again.

– Ahaaa! he screamed and jumped up, the noice came from the roof!

Without a second to lose he tossed the cover aside and changed into his bathrobe. Although it was much easier to climb the fire-escape nude he wasn’t in the mood for another lecture about public decency. Honestly that lestrad could be quite the pain in the behind.

When he finally made his way up to the roof even his great mind went blank.

On the roof was the biggest and strangest looking automobile he ever had seen. And how on earth did they get it up on the roof? As he stood there trying to grasp what he was looking at a door in the side of the thing opened itself and something came staggering out. Sherlock Holmes couldn’t help laughing at the thing obviosly shaped as a human but looking more like a mix of an overgrown tea kettle and a heater. To and to Sherlocks confusion the tea kettle toock of his head and underneath was the most beautiful man Sherlock ever had seen, with alluring lips, beckoning him closer.

When the man disguised as a tea kettle cleared his throat the second time Sherlock tore his eyes of the mans lips.

– Where am I? the tea kettle said.

– London, Sherlock answered while his eyes darted back to his lips.

– Never been here before, the man said. I’m Boba Fett.

– Sherlock Holmes, the men shook hands.

– Want to see the inside of my spaceship? Boba Fett asked with a smile.

Sherlock just nodded and followed the man inside the gigantic automobile, as the door closed behind them Boba Fett pushed Sherlock up against the now locked door and kissed him roughly.

– Tell me to stop, he whispered in Sherlocks ear as he undid the bathrobe.

– No, Sherlock said pulling Boba closer and kissing him rough. I’ve never fucked a tea kettle before.

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