Alice (Alice in Wonderland) & Watari (Death Note)

Alice loved being back in Wonderland. It had grown to be her new home after leaving England for good. That is if Wonderland was outside of England at all, at least the rabbits hole was in the garden… a hole that leads to a place that is not in the place where it first was thought to be placed. Wonderland was so much different than England, boring old England. Not that it mattered anymore, everyone and everything was gone now.

Alice ran away from home at the age of 18, refusing to marry. After a year down in Wonderland she’d decided to pop her head up to see what was going on up on the surface. Several decades had passed and and all she knew was gone. Not that she minded, being happy in Wonderland at all. It suited her much better. Being back was fun, running rrands was not so much. Well, anything for family!

The famouse W was now finally alone, typing away on the keyboard. Being here in Japan and running the orphanage back home in England was not an easy task, especially when keeping keeping an eye on the sweet tooth L.

Wammy’s House would just have to wait a little while longer until he could come home. Then he’d finally get to drink some REAL Earl Gray tea and not this Japanese… stuff. He’d also get to eat some of her wonderful mushroom soup.

Watari stopped typing and felt for his wallet. When opening the leather bounds he could see the picture, taken a few years back. He’d been younger and L in the picture was just a small child, clinging on to his leg. Next to both of them was a young woman, not much older than 18 by appearance. Watari smiled and tucked his wallet back into his jacket’s pocket.

There was a sound of the automatic door opening and the padding of bare feet walking.
L looked like he was sulking, a lollipop hanging loose between his lips.
“How is the progress?” Watari asked, starting gis typing again. L bit the lollipop, making a loud cracking sound. Watari sighed on the inside. “I’m not on to the killer but there is much left to figure out… What about you?” L said, looking at the screen.
“Emails from the children. They would probably love hearing from you too.” Watari added, waiting for L to respond. “No time for that. However, there is one thing I would like to know…” L said quietly and Watari understood.

“The Skype call is due in a minute, relax.” Watari said and opened up the program. Instantly came the ringing of a video call. Watari pressed the green button.

“Quillsh! Old chap, how have you been?” came the energized voice of Alice. She grinned wide, much like the Chesire cat from her artbook. “We’ve been well. L is here as well.” Watari said, getting cut off by L’s head blocking the way. Alice laughed happily like a madman.

“Hello there. You look proper mad, L.” Alice said.
“I try. Did you get the mushrooms?” L said impatiently.
“Oh yes, we have red and blue and green and see all these looking polka dotti!” Alice said, showing a basket through the screen. Watari smiled.
“I hope the children will enjoy it. Send some over to us here in Japan as well, would you?” he said.
Alice grinned. L waved into the camera.
“What about mine?” L asked. Watari got up from the chair and L claimed it quickly. He walked over to the temporary kitchen and put on hot water to boil. Alice’s cheerful voice rang.
“Oh~ those. The tongue truth ones, yes I packed some… I think I got the right ones. You know the Caterpillar, he’s not very clear on which is which.” She said an laughd. L sat quiet for a while.
“You think you got it right?” L asked. Alice shrugged.
“Right could be wrong but wrong can also be right so regardless it’ll be right, right?” she said and L sighed.
“Just send them over with the soup” L said and left the chair. Watari, finished making tea, sat back down and looked over his glasses at the, only by appearance, young girl.
“Can I trust you to care for the children again?” Watari asked. Alice Winked.
“Of course. I’m not completely out of it despite living in a world of madmen, all though, the mad hatter said I was now great company at his “not-your-birthday” parties so that could mean I’m as mad as him. Wouldn’t that be something?” she nodded to herself. She leant in and covered her mouth on one side.
“Don’t worry though, mad people don’t know they’re mad.” She whispered and then ran off, mid-call. Watari smiled and turned of the video call. L was staring at him.
“Why do we trust her so much? One of these days she might really turn mad.” L said, unwrapping another lollipop. Watari sipped on his tea.
“She’ll be alright, she’s lusted these past 145 years. She’s cared for me and the Wammy house for a long time…” he said.
L snacked on his treat.
“What is she, your granma was it?” L asked.
Wammy smiled.
“Great great aunt, actually.”

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