Katherine "Kate" Kane/Batwoman (DC Universe) & Coraline Jones (Coraline)

In a the world of Coraline, we are familiar with the Other mother and buttons for eyes, Unfortunately this is not that story, after leaving her home Coraline isn't about to come back. Because she has discovered leather, or rather, a woman dressed in leather. How would she even be able to return home after discovering the beauty of no other than Batwoman?

Coraline's first and only time bearing witness to the woman's leather clad ass was when Coraline begged for money to make a call home. The McDonald's cup, with it's five cents in it, is immediately forgotten when the older woman exits an apartment on the other side of the street through the window. Coraline is transfixed on the woman and her lithe movements that she unconsciously makes her way near. Less than two steps of the sidewalk she gets hit by a bus.

Skriven 25 maj 2017