Clover (Totally Spies!) & Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

It was a seemingly nice day when Sam, Clover and Alex was strolling around in their highschool, avoiding Wendy with all their might. They have just spottet a new hot guy in school, and just as they were about to approach him to make their move, they get sucked into a trashcan and falls through a horrid tunnel and lands in their headquarter. There was Jerry. Jerry has just given the totally spies a new mission, a mission to infiltrate Hogwarts to find all their secrets to take over the world. The equipment for this job was more advanced then ever. A Lazer lipstick, spectral glasses, a multifunctional bracelet, hologram projection ring and a jetpack packpack.

They head out towards england in their jet, and get dropped off on a field nearby. They put on their spectral glasses so they will be able to see Hogwarts. They all mobilize quickly and starts moving to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, at Hogwarts, all the professors have been alerted that some intruders have just landed in a nearby field and needs to be taken care of. Severus Snape gets dispatched to take care of them. He drinks a potion to make himself invisible for a short duration. When they finally meet up, Snape lies in an ambush, still invisible, and waits to strike them from behind. Sam, Clover and Alex, while always on alert, has no idea that anyone is watching them from such a short distance. Snape know's he can't take out all three at once, and that he has to take them out one at a time. He idly follows them as they slowly approach the castle grounds, when suddenly, snapes potion of invisibility runs out! Whilst slowly regaining shape and colour, the spies become aware of his presence. A fierce battle errupts!

Rictusempra! -Snape shouts and points his wand at Clover, and Clover falls to the ground laughing hystericly.

Sam and Alex looks at her, greatly surprised with what just have happened. It appears as she is getting tickled! With quick reactions, they pick out their lazer lipstick and cuts Snape's wand in half! Surprise by the muggles ability to disarm him he looks scared and starts to back off slowly, but he is now no match to Sam and Alex. With Clover still laughing on the ground, they have no clue with what to do with her. They decide to hide her in one of the corridors and hopes they will keep everyone busy enough for people not to find her. They run off to try and save the world without Clover.

After a while, the spell wears off Clover, and she gets up and looks around looking really confused. Her sight gets caught in one of the darker corners of the corridor. She see's a shape, but is not sure what it is. She gets up and starts to run. She runs out to the open and takes out her hologram projection ring, and projects 4 more of herself. The shadow walks out of the castle and approaches Clover. It's Remus Lupin.

Serpensortia! -Lupin yells, and a big snake flies out of his wand. One of the Clover's jump up in the air and gets frightened, while all the holograms stand still.

Petrificus Totalus! -He yells and points his wand directly at Clover while she is still in the air. She gets a stiff feeling running through her entire body, when she suddenly is completly paralysed and cant move a limb. She falls flat on the ground and the snake disapears. Lupin walks up to Clover with a grin on his face. He slowly walks up to clover's petrified body while taking off his robes while saying: Silly girl, do you really think you can infiltrate Hogwarts? Have you ANY IDEA how dangerous that is? Muggles have no reason to be here. When he finally reaches her he is topless. While still having controll over her eyes, she looks at him and gets scared. What is he planning on doing? She thinks to herself. He takes off the rest of his robes and stands there completely naked, and starts to undress Clover aswell. Her outfit is really tight but he manages to get it off.

Mobilicorpus, he says while gently flicking his wand towards her, as she starts to levitate. He rotates her in front of him as he inspects her naked body. With a grin and with a awesome flick of his wand, he manages to bend her over and looks relieved. He walks up to her and says he is glad it worked out that nicely, and mentions there have been insidents where the persons body has been torn apart in the process. Clover panics, but she cannot move. It literally feels like a living nightmare. He walks up behind her and takes up his hard cock and rams it into her pussy. When inside he feels that she isn't tight enough to sattisfy her. He takes a firm grip of his wand and points it at his penis and pronounces the incarnation: Engorgio. His penis starts to swell up to a massive size, and Clover gets filled with pain. Lupin starts to thrust his big cock faster and deeper into her, and she starts to feel sick from her intestines beeing moved around to much. While he pounds her he notices something horrible. The full moon. He stands still staring at it. He feels how he starts to lose control over his own body. He is now fully transformed into a warewolf and now no longer has any form of decency left. He howls to the moon while fucking her like the dog he is. He ejaculates into her and fills her up with cum. He then runs into the forest following the call of his fellow wolves.

Clover regains control over her body and tries to stand up. She manages to find her gear and puts on her jetpack backpack. She flies away into the horizon, never to be seen again.

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