Dr. Christopher Turk (Scrubs) & Rosalina (Marioverse)

[i]Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, craaaaaaaaaaaap.[/i]

The words repeated themselves in panic as Chris laid in bed. His stomach cringed, his eyes were wide and even started to feel moist. He glanced carefully at Carla who sleeped peacefully. She was cute beautiful like this. Her slightly parted lips, gently closed eyes and calm breathing was a bit hypnotizing to watch. The sight washed Chris qualms, but only for a moment. It was one o'clock in the morning and today was a dreadful day. Not because it was Carla's birthday, but because Chris had forgotten it. He woke up in the middle of the night with that agonizing realization. He hadn't prepared anything. No present, no cake, no plans, no nothing. That oh, so beautifully sleeping woman will turn to a fierce demon and ignore him for a long time. He might as well say farewell to having sex for a while.
[i]Maybe I can buy something tomorrow or make her some breakfast.[/i]

That was not an option. Chris would work all day and his cooking skills were unspeakably horrible.

Chris was covered in sweat and decided to get up. There was no sign of him falling asleep anyway.
He entered the living room and opened a window. The cool air flowed slowly in. In the distant he could hear traffic. He lifted his head to gaze at the night sky and took a deep breath. He felt stupid, ignorant and just so immensely dumb.
[i]UUUUUUUUUHHHHHH.... Turk, it happens every year, how could you forget it?![/i]
He scolded himself.
Maybe I'll find a comet and name it after her. Yeah, that will totally work!
The sarcasm became hopelessness and the hopelessness became a rock in his chest. Even so he searched among the stars. As if something up there would give him advice on how to fix the situation. Eventually he covered his face with his hands and sighed.

-Are you the one filling the sky with regret and despair? A light and soft voice suddenly filled the air.
Chris eyes shot up and he saw a spark. Just outside the window a little spark was floating. He turned around to see if someone was behind him but he was alone. His were directed at the spark again. All his despair got replaced with confusion and a bit fascination. The spark started to glow even more, it grew and shone brighter for every second. Chris closed his eyes but as the light faded he opened them and saw a woman. A blonde woman in a light blue dress, holding a wand was floating right outside the window. She made direct eye contact with him.
-What...? he was astonished and speechless. He couldn't move a muscle and his whole system was trying to figure out what was happening.
-Why are you in despair? The woman asked.
-I think the stars heard something about you forgetting your love's birthday. Is that correct? She continued.
-Hmm... We can't have you depressed like this, looking at the sky, as it is upsetting the stars.
-Here. The woman held out her hand. Chris stared at it. There laid a necklace with a tiny star as the only gem.
-Take it. She smiled.
Chris did as she told. He didn't dare to do anything else.
-I think this will be a nice present for her. But not as nice as when you say ¨I love you¨ to her.
-Who are you? Finally he regained his ability to speak.
-I am Rosalina. Pleasure to meet you.
-I'm Turk. He stuttered.

Rosalina smiled and faded away, leaving some sparkles behind.
Chris proceeded to stand there for a couple of minutes. At last he turned around, walked into his room and laid down on the bed, still holding the necklace.

He didn't get anymore sleep that night. But the next one he got a fun time ;)

Skriven 26 juli 2013