Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn (DC Universe) & Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

Harley Quinn sighed as she sat down on the ground. The Joker had left without her again, depriving her of more precious time with him. She was utterly devastated as she moped around the lair. She needed entertainment, and fast!

Looking high and low in the hideout, she could find nothing in the room but used traps that had gotten boring long ago, and too many broken toys to count. There was, however, a door on the other side of the room that she hadn’t noticed before. A sign only labeled “FREE CANDY” in colorful letters adorned it.
(Hey, the Joker is a clown, what the fuck did you expect?)

Harley’s face beamed at the sight of the word “candy”. After all, she loved that stuff. Rushing to the door, she slammed it open, but was surprised to find only a boy inside, merely ten years old, tied up and muttering something to himself.

Harley immediately got depressed again. “Stupid Joker, he said there would be candy in here!”
The boy suddenly turned to Harley with a cocky grin on his face. “Team Rocket, eh? I should have known! Pikachu, use lightning bolt!” There was an odd silence as nothing happened.

Harley looked confused. “Uhh… What?” An awkward smile formed on her face as the boy looked around.
“Where’s my Pikachu? What have you done to him?” The confusion only rose.
“What even is a Pikachu?” Harley looked very amused. This was probably the best joke in a long time to her.

The boy looked confused. “You’re… not from Team Rocket at all, right miss?” Harley smiled. “Nope, only Team Joker!” Harley started to approach the boy slowly. “And I hope you’re ready for one hell of a laugh!”

She pulled out a feather from her body suit and started tickling the boy with it. Immediately he began laughing. “Hahahaha, stop it!” Ash couldn’t control himself.
Harley giggles and sped up instead. “Oh no, I’m not done with you yet! This feather is tipped with a very special neurotoxin! If you stop laughin, you’ll die!” Harley grinned widely. “So you see, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted! But isn’t laughter the best medicine?”

Ash twisted and turned, laughing uncontrollably. By some weird twist of fate, one of his pokéballs fell off from his belt and out came the last one he wanted out now. Jigglypuff. (I don’t care if he caught it, I just need a Deus Ex Machina) Soon enough, the two went to sleep and Ash died because of the neurotoxin.


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